About the training:

The International Consortium accredits the training program for Agile (ICAgile). This course aims for advanced participants with teamwork experience and relevant theoretical and practical knowledge. Upon completing the training, participants receive the ICAgile Certified Professional – Agile Project and Delivery Management (ICP-APM) personal certificate recognized worldwide.

To attend the training is desirable to have at least one of the following certificates:

  • ICP (ICAgile);
  • CSM, CSPO, CSD (Scrum Alliance);
  • PSM I (Scrum.org);
  • Agile Foundation (Agile Business Consortium).

Agile Project and Delivery Management (ICP-APM) is one of the blocks in the Delivery Management track of the ICAgile training roadmap.

International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) is an international consortium for Agile development. The consortium’s activities include:

  • Developing Agile training plans and programs;
  • Accrediting training organizations;
  • Organizing accreditation of courses to support Agile education.

In the program:

1. Agile for people
Organizing a comfortable workflow to maximize the potential of all participants in the software development process:

  • Building an effective team
  • Creating a healthy team atmosphere
  • The role of the project head in Agile
  • Team participation in the planning and evaluation process
  • Team productivity, metrics, project health evaluation
  • Evaluation of individual work based on feedback and ways to combat competition within the team

2. Agile for the process 
Managing the software development from the Agile approach’s point of view:

  • Comparing traditional project management to Agile
  • Project management review from the Agile perspective
  • Planning of iterations and releases
  • Requirements, risks, and quality from the Agile perspective
  • Rethinking classical limitations: time, cost, the scope of work
  • Concepts of lead time, loss, and value of the project
  • Scope of work evaluation techniques

3. Agile for business
Organizing beneficial interaction between the contractor, the customer, and the end user:

  • Continuous feedback between teams and customers as a tool for working with risks
  • Work with third-party suppliers
  • Agile contracts

Training helps to:

  • Learn to consistently and structurally approach software development in an organization
  • Start work on a new product using Agile management
  • Transform the work in existing projects

Training is useful for

Experienced managers and leaders
CTO, COO, heads of development; project office employees; heads of projects and team leaders; Scrum masters and Agile coaches.
Customer relations specialists
Pre-sales specialists, account managers.
Process participants
Business analysts and other team members are transitioning to work in the Agile way.

What you get as a participant

16 hours of training
The program consists of 2 days of intensive training.
ICP-APM Certificate
Participants who actively work throughout the training receive an ICAgile Certified Professional – Agile Project and Delivery Management international certificate and a personal profile on ICAgile.com.
After training support
At the end of the training, each participant is invited to a closed group on Facebook, where they can ask the trainers any questions and learn about exclusive offers.