Over the last 10+ years, I have been constantly sharing my experience, thoughts, and ideas at various conferences, community meetings, and meetups. To invite me to your event you have a variety of options: fundamental talks or experience reports, short workshops for practical understanding of theoretical moments and focused learning.

On my training and public conference workshops, I engage participants with Play techniques. For example, a huge success has a session based on, invented by me, Scrum Card Game that teaches Scrum method in a simple and realistic form. This and other playful and game-based education have roots in my membership of the Play4Agile community, where with my participation, many games and exercises were developed to better understand Agile practices and principles.

If you want to hold a short session in a game format – I’m ready to help you. If you organize a conference and want to get an expert opinion, call me, I will gladly share my experience, knowledge, developments, and ideas in a form of talk.