A simple Scrum simulation for everyone

What is the SCRUM CARD GAME?

SCRUM CARD GAME is a simple game, which lets players experience work in Scrum sprints and brings to discussion many questions and topics that happen in real life while working in a Scrum team. This experience facilitates learning and makes participants prepared to the real use of Scrum.

Who is the target audience of the SCRUM CARD GAME?

This game is usually played during the Scrum training or a workshop. Participants should know about Scrum framework, or could be introduced to it right before the game.

I built this game as I felt other simulations (such as, Lego Scrum or other kinds) lack the focus on the Scrum process and often derail participants with too much play instead of learning. Also, I like the lightweight and easy to carry on materials and this game is just a set of cards that you can bring in your pocket to any workshop or training you have.

Do you need some more information about the SCRUM CARD GAME or would you like to test the Scrum Simulation Game by yourself, then visit my online shop and download a free test version of a game or buy one!
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