Workshops Facilitation in Berlin and other cities of Germany

I propose Facilitation service as one of the tools for successful achievement of results in teamwork at different levels of the organization: from identifying obstacles in the work of the Agile team through their overcoming and up to facilitation of strategy sessions with respect to key Agile principles and embracing best facilitation practices.

Perhaps you should pay attention to the facilitation If you encounter in your company a low productivity of group communications, for example, such as meetings, strategic sessions or retrospectives; or you want to get a fresh look from outside to get a complete picture of what is happening.

Facilitation is the professional organization of the process and space to create a common understanding or decision of the group, identify problems, gain ideas and much more. The facilitator is one who supports the fire in the process of an open, engaged dialogue of participants.

I have repeatedly been invited to act as a facilitator for small and large (100+) groups. Facilitation is not only the moment of the meeting but the whole process that begins with preparation and ends after the “gathering people”, it shows off in the form of actions and results. Sometimes, it takes more than a day or even a week of preparation for some sessions, where several hundred people participating. The basic principles of facilitation include establishing ground rules, using the right tools, respect for timing, listening to build trust and maintaining a safe environment.

Some of the most common requests for facilitation that I have:

  • Create a common understanding, strengthen teamwork;
  • Support for a self-organizing Agile team. Work on improving various team practices;
  • Resolution or prevention of conflicts;
  • Strategic sessions;
  • Estimation and Planning sessions;
  • Retrospectives at team and program and company levels;
  • Acceptance of important, unobvious decisions at different company groups or levels;
  • Creative sessions for New Products Design or new ways of work;
  • And many more.

It is important to remember that facilitation is not a magic pill, so my task is also to identify in a timely manner when facilitation is not worth pursuing, and using other methods of decision-making could be a better option.

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