Agile and Lean Coaching in Berlin and other cities of Germany

Agile transformation or changing a company with the help of Agile philosophy and methods are not only training on Agile, Scrum, Kanban, XP or other methodologies, it is primarily a multi-level, gradual process requiring professional enterprise coaching support at every stage.

Change is the basis of any human activity. When we create a product – we change the way consumers interact with the market, we change the market, we change the world we are familiar with. When I and my colleagues work with a company – we are always looking for ways to help them to improve interaction, improve the company environment inside and outside. Change occurs constantly.

When one talks about “introducing Agile” – we actually mean that we have to change the way of interaction to become more flexible as the whole company. But what does it mean to achieve a successful change? What is a sustainable change? Is it possible to control the change?

Many people think that the change is simple – they assessed the current state, aimed to the goal, prepared the plan and “off we go”! Does it remind you anything? Many companies implementing Agile, doing it in a completely inflexible way. To make these mistakes not happening, enterprise coaching support through all stages of change is very important.

Every case is different, and still, I could give a short overview of what will be done:

  • ✓ my colleagues and I will analyze the existing organizational structure of the company and develop an optimal strategy for implementing Agile approaches
  • ✓ we would help to identify company bottlenecks and find ways to eliminate or decrease them in a long run
  • ✓ the transformation will require working closely (let’s call it to hold coaching sessions) with all involved in the process at different levels: from Scrum-masters to top managers, coaching can vary from an individual role coaching to the work with a whole team.

Besides this, the enterprise coaching is often needed not only at the beginning of your path to an Agile transformation. You can contact me when you need to scale up the organization, keeping all Agile principles and methods working, or when you need to understand current group dynamics and overcome conflicts and impediments in teams. Or feel free to contact when you need a help with the facilitation of various discussions, such as for example: a retrospective; or preparation for the Agile Release Train (ART from SAFe) launch and the preparation of relevant Backlogs; or facilitation of the Inspect and Adapt sessions; or facilitation of Portfolio Planning sessions and many other complicated sessions these are not taught in the books.

I’m proud that I have participated in the transformation at different levels with many different companies. My experience can be yours!

  • Agile and Lean for IT and non-IT businesses
  • Scrum and Kanban on multi-levels (development teams, Product teams, Program and Portfolio)
  • SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) implementation
  • PMO design for Business Agility
  • Lean Change Management
  • Organizational design


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