IT attracted me when one computer might hold a space where a small, ten-person, startup could fit today. I started software development at the school time back in 1993. The choice of Computer Science faculty was obvious for me and at my university time, I started as a software developer in 1997. My further career in the industry was expected: starting from web-developer I soon lead a small development department. I learned technologies, been software architect, and project manager.

Agile is the trend that I could not miss. Since 2001, I’ve been experimenting with ways of organizing my teams and at some point, I started working in an iterative-incremental approach with a minimal set of practices, and then someone said: ” this is called Scrum”. In 2005, I began to study all the additional nuances of Agile methodologies and implement them in my teams. While having mastered all the subtleties on my projects, I began to help other teams to conquer their peaks. I trained as a business trainer and have been professionally teaching others. Despite the fact that I have been doing training for more than 10 years, I am first of all a practitioner, and I always try to be immersed in some big and interesting project.

I’m inspired by the art of software development: how from an idea something meaningful and useful is created; how big companies grow out of small teams; how large, heavy-load and scalable systems are created, and many more. For all that to work well and correctly, right approaches to the company organization are necessary. And the most effective approaches to improve a company, I believe, are based on principles of Lean, Theory of Constraints, System Thinking, Agility and specific practices, such as Scrum, XP, Kanban, SAFe, LeSS, Scrum-at-Scale. This is what I constantly dive deeper into, what I study to learn more and more. All these principles and practices I tried on my own experience – and this is what I teach and preach. I consult and teach and help to transform companies.

Among other things, I regularly speak at various conferences, conduct open training, work in a corporate format, I am the author of the online course “Agile on my own”.

I am an Authorized Trainer by “International Consortium for Agile” ( and together with my partners and colleagues at, we have created many training programs accredited by the Consortium (ICAgile).
Although I personally never chased the certificates, they are for me a mark on the passing of a good quality training. I am proud to say that I’m one of the first in the CIS was certified as SPC (SAFe Program Consultant) by Scaled Agile Academy, and in 2007 one of the first in Ukraine attended Certified ScrumMaster course by Scrum Alliance.