About the training:

The Agile Delivery at Scale (ICP-DAS) is one of two Continuous Learning Certifications on the Delivery Management track at the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) education roadmap. This certification applies agile management principles beyond projects to programs, portfolios, and broader organizational contexts. The learning objectives take a methodology-neutral approach. Course providers may teach key concepts using one of the industry-leading scaling frameworks like SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) and using a people-centric transformation approach.

Participants will also learn about lean principles and how they apply to eliminate waste and maximize value delivery across an organization.

Upon completing this certification, learners will know proven concepts for managing agile programs and portfolios and common pitfalls to avoid when implementing agile at scale.

International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) is an international consortium for Agile development. The consortium’s activities include:

  • Developing Agile training plans and programs;
  • Accrediting training organizations;
  • Organizing accreditation of courses to support Agile education.

In the program:

  • Agile at Scale
  • Value Streams
  • Portfolio Kanban
  • Innovation Management
  • The Rolling-wave planning
  • Deciding with limited information
  • Trade-offs at Organizational Level
  • Navigating Organizational Dynamics
  • Agile Budgeting and Allocation
  • Economical framework
  • Program and Portfolio Metrics
  • Agile Delivery Excellence at Scale

Training is helpful for:

Senior managers are new to agile and adaptive management styles, and project or mid-level managers in agile organizations are ready to apply their elegant management skills to broader contexts. Experienced Scrum Masters, Project Managers, Program Managers, and Agile Coaches passionate about transforming the way organizations deliver value will also find this certification rewarding.

What you get as a participant

16 hours of training
The program consists of 2 days of intensive training.
ICP-DAS Certificate
Participants who actively work throughout the training receive an ICAgile Certified Professional – Delivery at Scale  (ICP-DAS) international certificate and a personal profile on ICAgile.com.
After training support
At the end of the training, each participant is invited to a closed group on Facebook, where they can ask the trainers any questions and learn about exclusive offers.